Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified


Angelia Coppernoll

Owner/ Lead Educator

I opened my family childcare business in May 2014 and since then I have become incredibly involved in this profession. I am state licensed and follow all the rules and regulations of the state. I also participate in the rating through Youngstar, as well as comply with CCAFP Food Program, & the Registry. I attend regular workshops and trainings and I am always continuing to expand my knowledge of Early childhood Development and Education. I use my knowledge to offer stimulating, developmentally appropriate activities to all children. I strive to meet your child’s individual developmental domains. Reaching goals and mastering new and learned skills such as patience, sharing, compassion, self help skills like dressing, teamwork, and communication and language, incorporating ASL. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations and be expression and creative. 


Ron Coppernoll

Back Up Provider - Spouse

Husband & Father to five. 14+ years of parenting experience as well as basic training in ECE. Children enjoy spending time playing with him. Reads the best silly stories. Brings lots of smiles to the children's faces. 


Marcia Shimniok

Emergency Back Up Provider

Retired child care worker and current grandma,  with over 30 years experience with children. 

My mother who lives just across the river in Lodi. Close by in case of an emergency. 

Loves all children as if they were her own. Enjoys doing crafts and reading with the children and expanding their minds with open ended questions. Very good listener. 


Dominik Tomlinson

Eldest Son

Teenage Son, eldest of five, mature and responsible. always willing to help out with the children whether playing a game, reading books, assisting with arts and crafts, or lending a comforting shoulder. 


Ronnie Coppernoll


Fun, adventure seeking older brother, (2 child of 5). loves to get outside with the children and play sports or other active games while inside he enjoys using his creativity to engage the children in various activities such as fort & Lego building. 


Riley Coppernoll

Eldest Daughter 

Oldest daughter of three, middle child, (3/5). spunky and sweet and always loves being a big sister. she is my little mother hen always lending a helping hands to the children. loves playing school and dolls as well as gymnastics,& ballet. Loves to share her passion for horses and riding.